5 Signs You Need to Hire a Plumbing Service

Many homeowners like to buy some time and make repairs to their home without calling an expert. Some of them do this because they lack enough money to hire a plumbing expert while other others simply take pride in maintaining the plumbing system themselves, thinking they will do a better job than a well-trained professional. However, there reaches a point where you cannot afford to handle a plumbing issue on your own, especially if you don’t have the skills and the right level of experience to do so. Here are five key indicators that show you need to hire a plumbing service immediately.

1 The Bathtub Does Not drain Anymore

Bathtubs that fail to drain no matter how many times you apply suction needs the attention of a plumbing service expert. If not addressed immediately, the problem may worsen, and you will be left with more damage than you can imagine. A plumbing service provider will come to your house and evaluate the extent of damage before developing a suitable repair plan. This will ensure the correct outcome, saving you time and money.

2 You Smell Something Unpleasant in the Drains

Drains that are clogged or hidden leaks can create an unpleasant smell inside the house. They can also create an environment that fosters mold growth. This can worsen the smell and create respiratory problems to the occupants. Call a plumbing service whenever you smell something odd and water-related. The plumber will check all the drains and pipes to identify where the problem is and take the necessary steps to correct the mess.

3 Your Pipes Freeze

Water running through the pipes become very cold and eventually freeze during winter. This can cause a serious blockage in the pipe, cutting off water supply in the house. The frozen pipes can also crack and burst and release water in the walls, appliances and basement. Do not attempt to fix frozen pipes on your own. Most pipes run under the wall, and chances are you might damage the wall and other installations as you try to reach the affected pipe. A plumber has special tools that can track the problematic pipes with minimal invasion of the wall.

4 You Notice a Leak

Sometimes you might come home from work and find that the toilet is overflowing or the kitchen drain leaking. In such cases, it is good to call a plumbing service immediately. Most likely, your inner kitchen drain or toilet outlets need some repairs or a much bigger problem might be present in the sewer and drainage system. The plumbing experts will examine the situation, fix it and mitigate water damage. They will dry the affected area and prevent any mold growth that might occur as a result of water damage.

5 Water is Not Flowing Well

Extremely low or high and consistent water pressure could signify a bigger problem with the plumbing system. Call plumbing service immediately if you notice the water is not flowing correctly. A plumber will diagnose the problem and restore the pressure to normal.

Never underestimate the importance of calling a plumber whenever you notice a problem in your plumbing system. A plumber will help fix the problem and prevent significant damage to your house. Call plumbing service immediately if you notice any of the signs discussed above.