4 Ways to Maximize Your Leads With CRM for Real Estate

If you're a real estate agent or broker, one of the things that most directly affects your profitability is the way you handle the leads that come your way. If you find yourself struggling to convert all your leads into home sales, it's time for you to look into trying out software that will automate your CRM for real estate.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Since customers are the lifeblood of your real estate business, managing your relationships well is the most important step you can take to grow your profits. Let's look at 4 different ways you can use CRM software to maximize your leads and increase your real estate sales opportunities.

1. Use CRM Software to Organize All Your Real Estate Leads in One Place

Real estate leads can come from zillions of different places. Perhaps your cousin referred a couple of potential buyers to you in the last few days, and you got half a dozen more referrals through internet websites. Maybe another interested buyer emailed you with her important property criteria out of the blue, and a couple of potential sellers found you when you did floor duty at your office location. Do you have a system in place for organizing all these contacts?

You're missing out on major conversion opportunities if your potential clients' contact information is disorganized. Do you have some of your clients' names and phone numbers in your email in-box, some stored in your cell phone, some scrawled on business cards stashed in your wallet and others filed away at the office? If that's your situation, you'll be working harder than you need to when it comes time to follow up with these people. At best, you'll waste bunches of time searching for phone numbers when you need to initiate contact. At worst, you'll lose out on listing and sales opportunities when the time is right to close real estate deals.

The ideal solution: Use CRM for real estate that interfaces with both your mobile phone and your MLS service. Every time you get a new lead, make a habit of entering your contact's information and setting up a new profile for him or her. Some CRM software packages automate the process of synching your data from email, phone, text messages, real estate lead websites and social media networks, which makes this process even easier.

2. Use CRM Software to Sort Your Leads into Buckets, Groups or Funnels for Easy Email Contact

Next, you'll want to include each contact on at least one suitable email lists sorted by the criteria of your choosing. This will allow you to easily email each person appropriately. You'll easily be able to follow up with potential buyers regarding properties that would be of interest to them. This will also facilitate the process of sending follow-up emails to potential sellers or past clients at suitable intervals.

3. Integrate Your Calendar to Keep Appointments, Organize Home Showings and Meet Deadlines

Having an organized calendar is crucial for staying on top of your appointments to show homes, follow up on contract signings and show up to your scheduled closings. CRM for real estate can help you keep on track with this. It can also help you automate the process of emailing appropriate follow-ups and reminders to your clients as necessary.

4. Refer Leads or Delegate Tasks to Teammates in Your Real Estate Brokerage

If you're a broker or agent who works as part of a real estate brokerage team, CRM for real estate can help your whole team stay organized. Many CRM software packages offer team integration options that allow your people to collaborate and share data easily. If you can't easily follow up on a lead you receive, you can use your CRM capabilities to refer the lead to a teammate who can.

These are 4 of the most important ways CRM for real estate can help you to maximize your leads, but these are not the only benefits of CRM software. There are many additional reasons you'd want to invest in it, so it is well worth researching your options to find the software that would work best for your specific business needs.